Day Tripping to Chilliwack

What do I like about Parental Leave? The ability to do little day trips with the family on days when we normally could not do it because of my Monday to Friday work schedule.

My wife recently went to DinoTown with our little guy A and mentioned that she’d like us to go to Cultus Lake one day. I don’t think I have ever been to Cultus Lake itself, I have been to the Waterpark a few times in my life but never the lake. So we sorted out our day things the night before and headed to Chilliwack to spend some time at Cultus Lake.

Cutlus Lake is situated about 20 minutes south from the Trans Canada Highway in Chilliwack. There is a couple of ways you can get to Cultus Lake; you can take Exit 119 south through Sardis and drive for about 20 minutes along the Vedder Road, or you can take the No. 3 road, Exit 104, through Yarrow. We went the Chilliwack/Sardis way as we needed to pick up some items for lunch.

Cultus Lake

The lake itself is approximately 6.3 square kilometers and offers a variety of activities. There are a couple of boat launches, day time spots and a couple of campgrounds. You can check out more over at the BC Parks page on Cultus Lake Provincial Park. It was recommended by a friend to visit the Entrance Bay day use area. Entrance Bay is about a 4 minute drive past the Cultus Lake Waterpark and offers free parking and some nice day use facilities.

When we arrived we sought out a place to put up our sun tent. Entrance Bay does have a fair amount of shade, we do find that it is also nice to put the sun tent up for not only shade, but a place to put our stuff. Sort of like a home base in a way.

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The water as a bit brisk, but with a high of about 32C (90F) it was a nice way to cool off. We probably stayed for about 2 hours before out little guy started to get tired.

On the way home we stopped off at Coneheads, an ice cream shop a few minutes down from Entrance Bay.


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We ordered 2 kids cones and 1 single scope cone and it came to a total of $5.50. Crazy good deal! I learned afterwards that Coneheads is the locals place to get ice cream from as there are many places in the Cultus Lake area to get ice cream from.

Where will our next family day trip take us?



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