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Checking out Centennial Beach in Delta

I try and think of different places to go when I have the kids while mommy is sleeping between her nightshifts. We’re fairly fortunate to live so close to the beach but I thought I would take the kidlets somewhere different for a change of pace. I wanted something that had a bit of a…

Pumpkins at Hazelmere in South Surrey

Finding that Perfect Pumpkin at Hazelmere

It’s that time of year. You know, when the rains come back to Vancouver and the sun is a stranger? The leaves change colours and clog up the roads and cause flooding? Well okay, that might not be the nicest thing about this time of year but you know what I do like about October?…

Day Tripping to Chilliwack

What do I like about Parental Leave? The ability to do little day trips with the family on days when we normally could not do it because of my Monday to Friday work schedule. My wife recently went to DinoTown with our little guy A and mentioned that she’d like us to go to Cultus…