Beach Day

Then great thing about where we live, is that we are so close to the beach. The better part of that is because we’re residents of White Rock, we always buy the annual White Rock Pay Parking Pass, which means we can park in any paid spot within the borders of White Rock; That’s great for beach time as we don’t have to worry about finding change etc.

On the plus side, Summer has finally decided to show up. This year’s season has reminded me of how the Summer used to be in Vancouver; mild and rainy, though these last few day has been sunny nd hot! Even though there is roughly 2 week left in Summer, the weather has been in the upper 20’s (77F) to low 30’s (86F).

So today is a beach day, we met up with a couple of our friends down White Rock’s East Beach. If you’ve never been to East Beach, the tide goes out much further in that part of the Semiahmoo Bay than over at West Beach. We set up our Coleman Sun Tent and I took the boys out to the water’s edge to look for crabs.

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So the photos with the crabs underwater were taken with my Apple iPhone 6 Plus. My phone has a LifeProof NUUD case which allows it to go under water up to 6.6 feet for up to an hour. I have put the phone in the water numerous times with this particular case and love the results. The trick though because you cannot use the screen while it’s underwater is to make use of the volume buttons to actually take a photo or start/stop a video.

Speaking of crabs, when you’re walking around the crab grass at low tide you need to be a bit wary of where you step as you could easily step on a fairly large Dungeness crab or worse a Kelp (Spider) crab. It would suck not only to step on one and crush it, but being pinched by them too. Kelp crabs are more flexible than Dungeness which means it can be a bit trickier to pick them up too. The boys enjoyed looking and finding all different sizes of crabs.


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