Local Park: Forsyth Park, Surrey

Do you like to explore new places with the kids? Do you stay within a radius of your home or do you venture further? We have regular haunts we take the kids, places like Redwood Park, Fun Fun Park, the beach in White Rock and South Surrey’s Crescent Beach. Though, we like to find new places we can explore with our young kids as it makes for fun adventures.

Forsyth Park, Surrey

The City of Surrey takes pride in providing green spaces for people and I wish other municipalities were as pro-active as they are. On the City of Surrey website, you can check out their parks and rec projects both past, present and future. One of those parks was Forsyth Park. I remember hearing about it some time ago and saw a photo of it thinking, that would be a cool park to take the kids too.

Forsyth Park was the first of 10 new parks that the City of Surrey had planned for past year. Forsyth features a playground, two off-leash areas (separate closed off areas for big dogs and one for smaller dogs), walkways, seating, grassy fields and places people can picnic.

The park itself was funded by the TD Bank Group with a $500,000 gift which helped commemorate Canada’s 150th Birthday.

Location of Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park is part of North Surrey in the Walley and City Centre location. To get there you can access it from King George Blvd turning west on 104th Ave. Taking a left and head north on wither 139th St or 140th St will take you to the park itself. Parking is done along the the street next to the park on either the east or west side. Further down 104th is of course.

When looking for a park, I keep in mind our kids ages (currently 3 years old and 5 years old).

The Park in Photos

As mentioned above, you can park along the west or east side of Forsyth Park. There seems to be decent parking along the stretches of roads and does not interfere with the local residential areas.

I opted to park on the west side, the 139th Street side. The dog off-leash area is on the east side, the 140th Street side.

Forsyth Park Sign - aDadsAdventures
Kids at the Canoe - aDadsAdventures
There is a neat little “creek” type installment decorated with flowers and even a canoe. 
TD Bank funded Forsyth Park - aDadsAdventures
The plaque commemorating the funding of the park by TD Bank
Play Structures - aDadsAdventures
Playground at Forsyth Park - aDadsAdventures

The playground is the main focal point and of course the reason why we went to go check it out. There are swings (including two baby swings), a slide built into the hill, teeter-totter, various climbing apparatus and more. The kids loved all of it.

Rope Ladder at Forsyth Park - aDadsAdventures
Walking the rope bridge
Forsyth Park - aDadsAdventures
Lots of things for kids to climb and explore!
Forsyth Park- aDadsAdventures
Forsyth Park Hill Slide - aDadsAdventures
Hill Slide at Forsyth Park - aDadsAdventures
Note that the area below the slide is made of recycled rubber, great for little kids to play on.
Mickey's Mountain at Forsyth Park - aDadsAdventures
Using Dad’s jacket to slide down the wet slide
Making food with wood chips

The dog park, located on the east side of the park, is fenced off with an additionally fenced off area specifically for smaller dogs.

Fenced off-leash dog park

Once the kids and I played around on the playground for what seemed like ages, we wandered around and explored the paved walkways.

We followed the paved walkways
Moving branches/logs around for a make-shift shelter
Collecting chestnuts
With a sign like that, there is no getting lost!
Lots of room to run around!

Overall, Forsyth Park is a great location for the kids to play at. There were things for both the kids to play on. My son (who’s 5) could climb all the wooden structures without issues, but my daughter (who just turned 3) needed help up in some spots. There are baby swings, which our daughter loves and regular swings for those kids who know how to pump their legs!

Below all the play equipment is wood chips, so best to wear closed toed shoes. The large spinning disk and area below the slide is made from recycled rubber so it is easier on those who are not entirely steady on their feet yet.

If you are looking for new park to venture with your kids and are in the area, then I would recommend checking out Forsyth Park in North Surrey! The only downside is that there is no public washroom on or near the park so keep that in mind!

If you are looking for other kid and family fun adventures around the Surrey, Delta and White Rock areas, head on over to Kid Approved and check out their lists of fun things to see and do!

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