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Product Review: KidKraft Deluxe Play Teepee

In our home our kids have loved the various tents we’ve had in the last couple of years. A pirate tent was first, well loved as it was, it would no longer stand up on its own. Then next was a Spider-man tent that was a birthday gift to our son. That tent was a bit sturdier and even had tarp-type base to it. Even though the Spider-man tent was said  to be both an indoor and outdoor type, I would never bring it outside as it cannot be fully closed. Very recently though the Spider-man tent has been roughed up too much and can no longer be used. This is where the KidKraft Deluxe Play Teepee comes into play.

KidKraft Deluxe Play Teepee

The KidKraft Deluxe Play Teepee came at the perfect time. A Christmas present from an uncle of the kids. Just in the nick of time too as the previous tent was taken down and removed.

“A” was excited to have a new tent and wanted me to set it right away, though he would have to wait until the following day for us to set it up together.

Upon opening the somewhat heavy box there is not a whole lot to this teepee:

  • 8 Bamboo dowels
  • 4 fiberglass connectors
  • 1 Canvas fabric
  • 1 length of string
  • Dimensions: 48″L x 48″W x 63.78″H


Setting up the KidKraft Deluxe Play Teepee


Setting up the teepee is really easy too. My son (3.5 years old) just jumped right in and started putting things together without looking at the included instruction manual.


He just started grabbing the bamboo dowels and connecting them together. The 8 sections of bamboo make the 4 dowels (or poles) for supporting the teepee.



He even tried to put the bamboo through the canvas sleeves himself but needed a little help guiding it all the way to the bottom.

After all 4 dowels (or poles) where inserted into the sleeves of the canvas you can stand the teepee up and pull the 4 bottom corners out. You then thread the included string through pre-drilled holes at the top of the dowels, tie and secure them together.


The canvas material is heavier duty than the previous two tents we had, which is good as it will surely be able to withstand any abuse the kids throw at it. There are two mesh windows on either side of the KidKraft Deluxe Play Teepee as well so that as a parent you can look in but the kids can also look out.

Unlike the other play tents we have had in the past, this one does not have a base or floor. That should make cleaning easier as we will not need to sweep or vacuum the inside like we have had to do with the previous ones.


Overall we are liking the KidKraft Deluxe Play Teepee. Setup was super quick and easy. The canvas material should be able to handle things thrown at it which means kids can be rough with it.

If you are looking for a play teepee that can withstand some toddler abuse, I would recommend checking out the KidKraft Deluxe Play Teepee.


  • Setup is quick and easy
  • Open and Airy
  • Material used is durable
  • Can be taken down easily to be stored away


  • No base or floor
  • Not outdoor friendly
  • More on the expensive side of play tents/teepees (~$85 USD)

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