Track Tuesday #2

Another Tuesday means another Train Track image. I think this may be the first train track setup I did for “A” when we got all the tracks together.


At the time it was a bit too complex, busy for him. After watching him play with it the next few tracks designs I tried out were a bit less complex.

He always requires certain elements to every track layout we make. The Roundhouse has to be there, the mountain has to be there and at the time the suspension bridge too.

I accidentally broke the suspension bridge, well the audio it would place when a train went over top. I figured since the little magnets in the engines and cars would trigger the audio on the bridge, I could just swipe another magnet over it to trigger the sound for fun. Well the magnet I think was a bit bigger than the ones used on the trains and I might have wiped out the audio on the circuitry. Eventually, “A” threw the suspension bridge to the ground one day and broke one of the legs. It went into the recycling after that.

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