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theMaskWash - Fabric mask washing station

theMaskWash – Mask Washing Station Review

The COVID-19 Pandemic has introduced many of us to the world of surgical and non-surgical face masks. At first, people were hesitant to wear them as various Health Authorities deemed them mandatory to help curb the rate of transmission. Now more and more people find that they are just a part of our everyday life now which means face masks are used as often as regular clothing is.

We wear them indoors at the grocery store, or when we pick up our kids at school. We wear them at sporting events indoors and outdoors too. The masks themselves come in a large variety of materials. Most people will probably have a few of the recommended, non-surgical 3-layer fabric masks, other people have opted for more specialty masks such as those with a N95 rating.

Fabric face masks have been a part of our lives for the past year or so and some people (including myself and my wife) refer to them as “Face Panties”. Well, these fabric-based masks need frequent washing, especially if you wear them according to the various Government Health recommendations.

Since we’re wearing fabric masks more often, we need to wash them more often. If you do not have many you can typically toss them into the regular clothes laundry but if you’re like our family who has multiple masks for multiple people washing them more often can be a bit of a hassle with your standard washer/dryer. This is where theMaskWash comes to the rescue!

Special thanks to the ladies at theMaskWash for sending me theMaskWash system to try out!


Developed by two BC sisters who wanted to introduce the world to an Eco-friendly, yet portable washing solution, theMaskWash system is compact and easy to use. So easy that it can be utilized daily in a matter of minutes each day to keep those fabric masks clean!

theMaskWash - Face mask washing station

theMaskWash system comes the following:

  • A large 1500mL silicon bag that is made from food-grade silicone is BPA and phthalate-free, sealable and dishwasher safe. There is also an optional 1000mL version, but with a family of five, the 1500mL bag would allow washing more masks at the same time
  • A waffle weave microfibre drying towel
  • 100% cotton drawstring carrying bag for easy travel and storage.

Experience with theMaskWash System

First thought when I received theMaskWash system was how compact it was. Everything fit inside the drawstring bag which means it would be easy to include in a backpack, or suitcase etc. It also means it won’t take up a lot of space in your cupboards at home either.

Large 1500mL Silicone bag
100% Cotton microfibre drying cloth

Using theMaskWash system is really quick and simple. What you do is the following:

  • Fill the silicone bag 2/3 full with water and use a bit of your favourite detergent
  • Toss your masks and give a few good swishes with your hand
  • Seal the top and hold on with BOTH hands and shake that bag! Don’t be afraid to dance around while shaking it too!
  • Take the masks out, rinse them then wring them out
  • Place on the included microfibre cloth or hang dry

That’s it. That’s all to the whole thing. Quick and easy!

theMaskWash system with Large bag is available for $32.00 CDN + shipping

theMaskWash system with Regular bag is available for $28.00 CDN + shipping

What are you waiting for? Head on over to theMaskWash website for more information and order one for your household!

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