Chalkola Chalk Markers 21-Pack

Chalkola Chalk Markers Review

I love receiving emails from people asking me to check out products for them. Who doesn’t right? Well, today’s review is about Chalkola chalk markers.

What is a Chalk Marker?

A chalk marker is like a felt pen, but instead of using ink, it makes use of a liquid chalk solution that can be used on a variety of non-porous mediums like chalkboards, glass, tile and more. It is a lot different from using the old dry chalk sticks, and you use it just like a pen!

Chalkola has a philosophy of live a vibrant life. If you check out their line of chalk markers you can definitely see that they live up to it too, a large assortment of colours are available. Check out the variety of chalk markers that range not only in colours but in sizes as well. Some examples of their product offering are Jumbo Neon, Neon & Pastel, Vintage Colors, Metallic, 1mm Extra Fine and more.

Chalkola Chalk Markers | 21 Pack (15 + 6 Metallic)

I was gifted the 21 pack of Chalkola markers. In this pack, you get 21 Neon, Classic markers with a set of 6 smaller Metallic markers.

The 21 Neon Classic markers have a 6mm reversible tip: Round and Chisel. They are non-toxic, odor-free and safe for children.

Chalking Up The To-Do List

When I first received the Chalkola markers, I had to think of what can I do to test them out. I didn’t want to give them to the kids willy-nilly and let them go to town with them as it could be horrible if what they wrote on wouldn’t allow it to come off.

I also needed to pick up a chalkboard of some sort, so I found a little 12×12 chalkboard from one of those big-box retailers. Chalkola does carry their own chalkboards (better quality than those at the big-box retailers mind you) but at the time they were out of stock.

When you first take the markers out of the box and remove their lids, you will notice there is no chalk. You start by priming them. While the lid on and pointed up to the ceiling, shake the marker for roughly 30-40 seconds. You then remove the lid and press down on the tip a few times (the tip seems to be spring-loaded); this is what will allow the tip to soak up the juicy colour.

Testing Surfaces

I only wanted to test two surfaces; the chalkboard and glass. I planned that if those two surfaces proved to be easy to clean, I would let them use the markers as they saw fit.

First up was the chalkboard. Once I primed a few colours, I just started doodling. I found that if you coloured over lines already drawn, then like a paintbrush or felt, it would pick up and muddy the colour you were using. Best to wait till the previous colour you used dries before trying to colour over top of it.

Cleaning up the chalkboard was fairly straightforward too. Chalkola recommends either using a wet cloth or a glass cleaner. I opted for some paper towels and glass cleaner. At first, you smudge everything around, but after a few rounds, the chalkboard cleaned up like new.

Next was glass. For this, I found a small area of glass that I make use of just one colour. I left it for 24 hours and then attempted to clean it off. It was super easy to clean off the glass, and it seemed easier cleaning off the glass than off the chalkboard.

Let The Kids Draw!

Now that I had used the markers and cleaned it up, I decided that it was time for the kids to have them. The only rule I gave them was to use the markers on the glass only. Simple enough, right?

After I let the kids play with the markers (I had to keep a close eye on the littlest), I noticed how easy it was to get themselves covered in the chalk if they weren’t mindful of touching it. They easily smudged their work with their hands and then would touch nearby walls. Well, luckily, the chalk markers would easily come off the walls with a damp cloth. The marker would come off their skin also as easily with some soap and water.

Final Thoughts

The kids have quite enjoyed using the markers, especially on the windows. My wife and I like how easy the markers cleaned off of the two surfaces we allowed them to draw on.

I’ll definitely bring these out each holiday season so the kids can decorate all the windows.

I highly recommend checking out Chalkola Chalk Markers as well as the other art supplies they carry too.

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