Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Oh I think I shall.

I perhaps should have started a blog about parenting, or at least my experience as a dad when our first child was born 3 years ago. I hummed and I hawed about it and never really thought I’d have time to do it.

Fast forward 3 years and add a second child to our family dynamics and I’m going look at writing about my experience in the past and the future since becoming a dad. I would like to also looking at various items such as various kids toys, kids gadgets, gadgets to help out parents and more. What I mean is when we get a new toy, or some gadget that hopefully makes things easier, I tend to keep the box(es) around so that I can write about it, but I find that I have no places to write them. So this could be a great stage for that.

The other neat thing is that I will be on parental leave until October 2016. It’s the first time I have been able to take parental leave and it will most likely be the last opportunity for me to as well.

So, Who Am I?


Well I am a currently located in White Rock, BC father to two young children. As of this post we have a son age 3 and a daughter age 8 months. I’ll probably just mention them by initials A and W. Yup, just like the Fast Food restaurant.

What Do I Do?

When I’m not being a dad? I am a Embedded Linux Firmware Engineer. What does that mean? I program networking-type devices that run a variation of the Linux operating system, filled with Cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi and other technologies. I’ll leave it at that.

What Do I Like To Do?

Being a dad of course (the ups and downs), but I love Photography, Outdoorsy things, Computers to name a few things. Sort of a tech geek if you will.

What Will This Site Be About?

As sort of mentioned above, I plan on writing about the experiences of being a somewhat-new dad. I plan on writing about our experiences with our first child, the ones we’ve had since we’ve had two children and then experiences and adventures we have as they grow up.

I plan on writing about kids toys. Toys that we’ve purchased or ones given to us. Which ones our kids have liked and which ones they have not liked. I’ll talk about differences in perhaps that toys I grew up with against the ones our children grow up with. I do look forward to living my childhood again with certain toys.

Perhaps “Parent Hacks”, though it is a silly term, but talk about perhaps some tricks or items used to help our every day parenting life.

Gadgets for both kids and parents. Things from sleep-aids, to diaper clean up to things to help entertain little ones on long car rides. Who knows, there is a plethora of items out there and who knows, perhaps I’ll find things you might find helpful!

Anyway, so I do hope you follow along!



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