Father’s Day Gift Idea: Diaper Bag

Yes, you read that right, a Diaper Bag as a Father’s Day gift. Now, it can be for a new father who is expecting their first or has recently had a new baby, but it can also be for veteran fathers who have littles ones and need to lug items around with them. I particularly fall into the latter category, we have two under 5 years and we still make use of a diaper bag. It holds a variety of things for us when we’re out and about such as wipes, diapers (duh), water, snacks, Bandaids etc.Yes, I too carry it from time to time or if I am solo parenting.

The trouble with a lot of diaper bags out there is that they are typically marketed for the Moms. They are pastel in colour, can have tassels or even floral prints. I’m not totally against those, but I would be inclined to remember to bring it with me if I liked the look of it myself. This is where E.C. Knox comes into play.

Who is E.C Knox? E.C. Knox is a company that designs parenting items with Dads in mind. In particular they have designed a diaper bag designed for Dads who love being Dads. It has a look of a modern messenger bag but with all the functionality of a diaper bag.

The Ellison Diaper Bag

The look of the Ellison Diaper bag reminds me of some of the photography bags I’ve looked at, such as the LowePro StreetLine SH180. It does not look like a typical flowery diaper bag. When you open it up, you can gaze upon the room that this diaper bag has!

Inside for the baby (or toddlers) you have

  • Removable, washable, liquid-resistant liner featuring E.C. Knox signature paisley
  • Zip-out changing flap – includes removable changing pad
  • A removable liner that can be washed, replaced even removed so the bag grows with dad (or mom) as a stylish messenger bag devoid of baby reminders.
  • Quick-access to wipes from side of bag (magnetized shut to keep wipes moist)
  • Integrated fold-out changing pad
  • Four pockets for diapers, creams and changes of clothes

Then when the kids move on or you do not need to carry as many “baby” things anymore it has also the following features:

  • Two more pockets to hold a bunch of things you’ll forget you even packed
  • Padded computer sleeve
  • Three more pocket slips to hold wallets, sunglasses or pens
  • Inner carabiner holds keys and your collection of fuzzy key chains
  • Includes a flashlight for particularly desperate midnight searches for that one special pacifier the little screamer demands

The Ellison Diaper bag is made of ballistic nylon to ensure it survives the outdoor (or even indoor) adventures you take the kids on. It can easily convert to a backpack and has both interior and exterior bottle holders whether or not it’s a baby bottle, sippy cup or that flask of rum you might need during a indoor birthday party with 30 kids! This bag can hold all of it!

The E.C. Knox Ellison Diaper Bag currently retails for $395 USD but you have a chance at winning one for a new or existing father (or yourself, I won’t judge)!  E.C. Knox is giving you the chance to win one, just follow steps below and you will be entered to win one! E.C.Knox will notify the winner of the Ellison Diaper Bag. Contest is open to both US and Canadian residents! Good Luck!

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